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Employment (Arizona)

Tips for Parents: Working

Information and advice on how you can help your child become more prepared for work.


Programs That Support Work

Learn about programs that can help you find a job and protect your benefits while working.


Finding the Right Job for You

Information such as tips and resources that make it much easier to find a job or career.


Managing Your Benefits While Working

Information on how you can work and maintain access to public health coverage and disability benefits.


Benefits and Work Calculator

Learn about what will happen to your income, benefits, and health coverage if you go to work.  Find out how a job may affect your total income and your health coverage.


Going to Work Toolbox

The toolbox includes information, tips and forms that can help you learn to manage getting benefits and having a job at the same time.


Job Supports and Accommodations

Knowing the reasonable accommodations and job supports (including assistive technology and personal assistance services) available can help you to get a job and to keep it, even as your needs change while being employed.








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