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Understanding Your Benefits (Arizona)

Tips for Parents: Benefits

On DB101, there are 4 articles offering specific tips for parents about important areas of transition as your child grows into an adult.

Getting Past the Myths:  The Truth About Working

The possibility of work for people with disabilities is more of a reality than ever before. Many people with disabilities have meaningful jobs that they enjoy and are successful at doing. With the right kind of training, preparation, and workplace accommodations, you can have a successful career. Work will not only let you earn your own money, but also give you independence from public benefits. You will likely meet new people and make new friends at your job. You will have the opportunity to make choices about the type of job you want to do and where you want to work.

Work Incentives

Work incentives are rules that make it easier for persons with disabilities who get public benefits to become self-sufficient by helping them when they want to work. Work incentives can allow you to keep your benefits and save for your future while you work. They can help you start a business or save money to go to school. Work incentives also make it easier to start benefits again if you need them.

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