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Questions are submitted by ASPIRE staff on the Question Submission Form.  Similar questions or ones which are related and may build upon each other, may be combined in order to answer the questions as completely possible.

Questions are grouped categorically so they are easily searched.  Clicking on the question will forward you to a page with the answer.







Q: A family signs the PHI form to be a part of the study, but what happens if they use the option to revoke it?  Will they get eliminated from the study?  For instance, if a kid got ASPIRE services, and his mom revokes PHI privileges 2 weeks after enrolling, what would happen?


Q: Can we use the 3-minute ASPIRE video with families during enrollment?  How else can it be used?


Random Assignment:


Case Management:


Q: Does it matter on the “duration of contact” for contacts such as sending out an email, sending a letter or a text reminder.  Should it be left blank or enter the “20 mins or less” entry?


Q: What is the ASPIRE Employment Intervention and what does it look like?


Q: When and how will the annual follow up surveys done?


Q: What is the ASPIRE Case Manager’s role in the IEP, 504 or other individualized plan the youth or family my have?


Q: What happens when there is a change to the parent’s income or work status?


Q: What is Assessment for ASPIRE Youth and Families?




Q: Can we organize the reports so only our state can see our reports?  There are so many to scroll through!


Q: There is a lot to consider with Youth Employment. How do I document the work I do with a youth under the employment intervention? I know I am supposed to enter data for Discuss, Inform and Follow Up. Can you give me some examples?


Q: I’m confused about what date to put before an entry in AIMS. Do I put the date the contact occurred, or the date I’m entering the information into AIMS?


General ASPIRE Questions:


Q: If everyone is supposed to do the same thing with ASPIRE, why are each of the states so different?


Q: What is the purpose of the PROMISE TA Center?  How will it be useful to ASPIRE Staff?


Q: Incentive Payments – Why don’t we give out the incentives at the time of enrollment?  Immediate gratification at the time of enrollment may increase enrollment success.  It’s more reliable than waiting for the mail.  Why does it take so long?


Q: What about future Youth Surveys and Parent Questionnaires?

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