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Understanding Your Benefits (Utah)

“Knowledge is power.” – Francis Bacon

The many services a person has can be very confusing.  Each service, such as Social Security or Medicaid, has its own rules, forms and reporting.  Some are simple.  Some are complex.  Knowing about your benefits can help you to make good choices for school and work.

One way to understand benefits is to meet with a benefits specialist.  The Utah Work Incentive Planning Services can do just that.

Utah Work Incentive Planning Services (UWIPS)

Do you want to work? Work more hours? Increase your earnings?
Do you receive Social Security – SSI or SSDI?
Do you want to know how earning more money affects your Social Security?

The Utah Work Incentive Planning Services (UWIPS) help people on Social Security disability understand how working impacts their Social Security and other benefits (including Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, housing, and many others).

The UWIPS services are free for persons who receive Social Security. This program provides information to help make an informed choice about work. UWIPS provide you information about how employment may change your benefits from Social Security, but also Medicaid, housing, food stamps and other programs.

The Social Security disability and other benefit programs can often be complex, hard to understand, and confusing to navigate. The Benefits Specialist can help people who are on Social Security to:

  • Understand Social Security and other benefit systems, what to expect, and what you need to do when there are changes in your employment status.
  • Learn about various work incentives available, and which ones you may use.

A Benefits Specialist will:

  • Provide information about other programs and community resources that may help you.
  • Correct misinformation and provide accurate benefits information about your unique situation.

UWIPS benefits planning includes:

  • Information and referral
  • Problems solving and advocacy
  • Benefits analysis and advisement
  • Work Incentive development
  • Follow up services

To learn more, see the UWIPS Brochure (pdf), the brochure in Spanish (pdf), the fact sheet (doc) (pdf) and frequently asked questions and answers.

Anyone can make a referral to the UWIPS. Make the referral when you are thinking about working, increasing your work hours, or entering a training program. The UWIPS Referral Form begins the process to work with a Benefits Specialist. Download this Referral form (doc) (pdf) and send it in.

Contact a UWIPS specialist at 801-887-9530 (voice and TTY) in Salt Lake City or toll free at 1-866-454-8397.

These services are provided at no cost to the beneficiaries through a partnership between the USOR (Utah State Office of Rehabilitation), DWS (Department of Workforce Services), SSA (Social Security Administration.

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