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Transportation (Utah)

Getting around your community is important. Many use public transit to go to school, work or to recreate. Thousands in Utah’s cities use it daily to get from place to place. Some communities have only a few options.  Explore your options!

There are several items to consider when you think about transportation. These include where you want to go, the cost, reliability of what you choose and how convenient it is. Think about what is available to you, when you need it, travel time, and the weather. All together, these factors impact your decision.

Being prepared with money for gas or for a bus fare, as well as wearing the right clothes will be important. Planning for emergencies along the way is a good idea too.

There are many ways to get around your community. You may have a variety of choices in your community. Know what your options are!

  • Walking
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Motorized scooter (standing or sitting)
  • Personal vehicle
  • Car pool or Ride shares
  • Mass transit (the bus, paratransit, TRAXX, Front Runner, etc.)
  • Shuttles

One source of information in Utah is TravelWise. TravelWise is a resource to learn about transportation options. It is a set of transportation strategies that encourage travelers to use alternatives to driving alone. Getting around efficiently in time, cost and environmental impact is great for everyone.

Traveling in a community requires thinking ahead and some skill. Learn more about:

Public Transportation

Many towns have public buses and trains.  Learn what is in your community.

Get a driver license

The Driver License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety is responsible to license and regulate drivers in Utah and promote public safety. They conduct written and driving tests as well as issue Utah Identification Cards for adults who do not have a driver’s license.  Find out what to do to get your driver’s license.

Learn about Driving, Owning and Modifying a Vehicle

Traveling in your community may include owning your own vehicle. Planning the purchase and maintenance is important. You will also need to plan if you need modifications in order to drive the vehicle.

U Car Share – Need a car or truck just for a day? U Car Share provides people over age 18, who have a clean driving record, the opportunity to share a car. The vehicles are located in Salt Lake City, Ogden and other cities. Insurance, roadside assistance and gas are included in your fee. Learn more by visiting U Car Share.

Greenbike is a low cost bike share program is available in Salt Lake City.  A Bike Share program is a network of many Bike Share stations.  Sign up to be a member and take ANY bike, from ANY station, as many times as they like for a small membership fee.  You can buy a 24-hour Access Pass, 7-day or Annual Membership for unlimited use.  Sign up and take UNLIMITED 30min trips at no extra charge!

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